Bird Watching

One of the most sort after tours in St Lucia, for the wild life adventurer.

Crescent-chested-WarblerEnjoy a beautiful and exciting out of the way Bird Watch Experience, where you will have the rare opportunity to see some of the worlds most beautiful and unusual looking birds, with array of different colours and sounds, a natural Caribbean treat. The National Bird the St Lucia Parrot, Black Finch, Oriole, the St Lucia Pewee and the Warbler are all endemic birds of St Lucia.

Amongst the lush green vegetation above Soufriere in a small area called Bouton at carte chi mere you will see an array of different birds in their natural habitat. Enjoy nature’s gifts. Wings of St Lucia

After your adventure we will journey back through, Canaries where the people are warm and friendly. As you continue to your destination you will approach a similar village named Anse La Verde where the Cassava bread making is the daily activity, you will have the opportunity to see how the Cassava is process from a root crop to Farine to the Cassava Bread. You can try the different flavored Cassava Bread from Saltfish to the local’s favorite Chocolate & Cherry. As you continue you will approach a small fishing village named Anse La Raye, which is rich in colonial history and culture, Anse La Raye is renowned for one of the world’s best Friday evening fish fry street parties.

Please wear hats and comfortable shoes.

  • Bring sun block, and insect repellant.
  • Bring along your camera and binoculars


Early Morning is the best time to see birds